DIY Flavored Toothpicks

Flavored toothpicks are great! I Love them, but they can be hard to find. So I decided it would just be easer to make them my self! 🙂

Supplys you will need :
flavored oils about 1 fluid ounce (There are a ton of different flavors! In this tutorial I’m using coffee flavor, but I’ve done a lot of different flavors and they tuned out very tasty! So go ahead and pick your favorite oil)
a test tube (I’m using one that vanilla beans came in) or a mason jar either will work just fine
tweezers, or needle nose pliers
Place toothpicks in witch ever jar you are using, if your using the test tube DO NOT OVERSTUFF THEM when they soak in the oil they will swell!
When I first did this, I overstuffed the toothpicks and spent all day trying to get them. Long story short I had to drill a hole in the toothpicks to get them out. If you are using a mason jar lay the toothpicks flat on the bottom of the jar.

Pour your flavored oil in with the toothpicks until the toothpicks are completely covered. (sorry it looks really gorse because the coffee Flavor is dark brown)
DSCF0006 (5)

With the my toothpicks I used a little devise that’s sucks out all of the air between the toothpicks so its kind of like a pressure cooker. So I’m kind of pressure cooking my toothpicks! No way do you have to do this! I just did it for fun!

Let your toothpicks sit for a day to two I let mine sit for about two days 🙂

when you open them up go ahead and use tweezers or pliers to pull the out. Put them on a paper towel, or even some foil. I put mine on foil so none of the oil was sucked from the toothpicks. let them dry mine took about three or four hours. but you can usually tell but the way they feel.

Best of luck guys! happy tasting!


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