DIY pore srtips

Pore strips are a great way to clean your pores. And it is recommended that you use them once a week. But, buying pore strips every week or so can get a little pricy! So here’s a fast and easy recipe for pore strips.
There are only two ingredients!
1 tablespoon unflavored Jell-O (the powdered kind)
1 tablespoon of milk!

mix together the Jell-O and the milk. ( it should look pretty gloppy )
put the mixture in the microwave for 10 seconds
apply mixture to nose. (once it is cool)
wait about 10 minutes
it should be dry now (you can usually feel if it is or isn’t), go ahead and pull it off your face (carefully! it can hurt!)
once its all peeled off I suggest apply your favorite serum or lotion! sense your pores are clear your skin soaks up nurturance easer. I like using a lotion with vitamins in it because I tend to have dry skin.
Good luck! 🙂


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