DIY Hair Bow

orrigainal bow
DIY cloth hair bow-
I took a piece of cloth, 4 1/2 in.tall by 2 1/2 in.wide
I then secured down each side so it wouldn’t fray (and to be honest I think that it look’s really cute 🙂 )
secured sides

don’t worry about mistakes or sloppy stitching no one will notice!
mistakes no problem
(go ahead and set that piece aside 🙂 )
take a smaller piece I took a piece 2 in. tall and 1 in. wide. Go ahead and secure the sides down like we did before I folded both sides into the middle and did one stitch (the lazy way 🙂 )
smaler peice
Go ahead and take the larger piece you set aside before (I pinned down the middle and then put the smaller loop around the middle it seamed a bit easer to place the loop around)
silly bow
and sewed down the sides of the loop so it was secure
sewn down sides
and you have your bow (after you take out the pin of course)
finished bow
I tested different clips to see witch did the best, I found that a bobby pin and a mini hair clip held up the best
(the back of both of these look horrible I know, but who’s going to see the back anyway?)
In the one with the mini hair clip, I put wire in so I could shape it how I wanted it. I took 4 pieces of wire a bit longer than each side and made a loop out of the end and slid it into the pocket made by securing the sides I secured the loop buy stitching it down. have fun and good luck!


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